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Kue is an Indonesian bite-sized snack or dessert food
Kue is an Indonesian bite-sized snack or dessert food. Kue is a fairly broad term in Indonesian to describe a wide variety of snacks; cakes, cookies, fritters, pies, scones, and patisserie. Kue are made from a variety of ingredients in various forms, some are steamed, fried or baked. Kue are popular snacks in Indonesia, which has the largest variety of kue. Because of the countries' historical colonial ties, Koeé (kue) is also popular in the Netherlands. Indonesian kue demonstrate local native delicacies, Chinese and Indian influences, as well as European cake and pastry influences.
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Semprong, Asian Egg Roll, kue Semprong, Sapit, Sepit, kue Belanda, or Kapit (Love letters in English) is an Indonesian traditional wafer snack (kue or kuih) made by clasping egg batter using an iron mold (Waffle iron) which is heated up on a charcoal stove.
Bika ambon is a Indonesian dessert, made from ingredients such as tapioca flour, eggs, sugar, yeast and coconut milk.It is analogous to Malay sponge cake. "Bika Ambon" is generally sold in pandan flavor, but it is also available in other flavors like banana, durian, cheese, chocolate.
Lapis legit or spekuk (Dutch: Spekkoek) is one type of traditional wet cake from Indonesia. This cake was first developed during the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia which was inspired by European layer cake. The legit layer is made from various kinds of spices which are very well-liked by Europeans, including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and sweet fennel so that the taste is very typical rich in the aroma of spices. This cake made from egg yolks, flour, sugar and butter / margarine has a sweet taste with a soft but sturdy texture. The cake batter is baked in an oven in stages to form layers which generally number 18 layers or more. Because of the many layers on the legit layer, this cake is also known as a thousand layer cake.
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Various Type of Cake & Pastry Products