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Kripik is closely related to krupuk since it is popularly considered as a smaller sized krupuk. In Indonesia, the term krupuk refers to a type of relatively large crackers, while kripik or keripik refers to smaller bite-size crackers; the counterpart of chips (or crisps) in western cuisine. For example, potato chips are called kripik kentang in Indonesia. Usually krupuk are made from a dried paste consisting of a mixture of starch and other ingredients, while kripik are usually made entirely from a thinly sliced, sun-dried, and then deep-fried product without any mixture of starch.
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Thinly sliced cassava is deep fried to be made as kripik singkong crackers (cassava chips or tapioca chips). Next to potato chips, cassava chips is a popular snack in Indonesia, and are often spiced with various flavors. Some are mass-produced and purveyed under various brand names in stores and supermarkets.
Bananas are used as an ingredient in making chips. The uniqueness of Lampung banana chips compared to other banana chips is that there are many choices of flavors that you can taste. Ranging from chocolate, cheese, milk, melons, strawberries, and others.
Purple chips produced by Indonesian company won the Silver award, or ranked 2nd best snack food, the Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation (SOFI) Awards in the Savory Snack category. This award was given at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show (SFFS) exhibition at the Javits Convention Center, New York, United States.
Fish crackers are deep fried crackers made from fish and spices that serve as flavouring, originated from Indonesia. The crackers also mixed with tapioca flour and/or sago flour as the main ingredients and the salt, sugar and MSG as seasonings. Next to krupuk udang (prawn cracker), krupuk ikan (fish cracker) is also a favourite snack, as both are popular krupuk types known in Indonesia. Tenggiri (wahoo) and cakalang (skipjack tuna) probably are the most popular fish used for fish crackers. Nevertheless, any other edible fishes, such as bawal (pomfret) and ekor kuning (Caesionidae) might also be used.
The prawn cracker (known as krupuk udang in Indonesia) is a form of deep fried snack made from starch and prawn. Prawn crackers are a common snack food in Southeast Asian cuisine, but they are most closely associated with Indonesia.
Peanut brittle or Rempeyek (Peyek) is a kind of complementary food from the fried food group. In general, peanut brittle is fried rice flour mixed with water to form a thick mixture, given seasonings (especially salt and garlic), and given a typical filling material, usually peanut or soybean seeds. The role of flour here is as a binder. Fillers can also be small-sized animal foods, such as anchovies, ebi, small shrimp, fish, or larons. Nowadays people also make peanut brittle from spinach & crab leaves.As a complementary food, the function of peanut brittle is the same as crackers which is as a complementary dish
Hot & Famous Chips & Crackers Products
Various Type of Chips & Crackers Products