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Introducing Indonesia Instant Food
Hygiene and health are more guaranteed than buying outside
Eating home cooking is indeed the most ideal choice. Besides being cheaper, hygiene and health are more guaranteed than buying outside. Unfortunately, not everyone can routinely eat home-cooked food. There are those who cannot cook, others do not have much time.If you have faced this situation, buying instant food is one solution you can choose. Not only instant noodles, it turns out that the majority of Indonesian traditional foods are packaged in ready-to-eat and contemporary forms, you know.
Hot & Famous Instant Food Products
Various Type of Instant Food Products
Instant noodles in Indonesia were first introduced by PT Lima Satu Sankyu (subsequently renamed PT Supermi Indonesia) and PT Sanmaru Foods Manufacturing Indonesia Ltd. which was founded in 1968. In the same year, the first instant noodle brand was launched in Indonesia, Supermi. Four years later, 1972, the famous and second instant noodle brand was launched in Indonesia, Indomie.
Meatball traders are easy to find around us. But, what if we want it again at midnight or early in the morning?Apparently, Malang meatballs now have its instant packaging. The product can be stored for a relatively long time and only need to brew it whenever we want to eat. Like eating noodles in a cup.
No need to go all the way to Bandung, now everyone in Indonesia can enjoy this typical city of Flower snacks. You can buy it in instant ready-to-serve packages via online only.
This original Yogyakarta culinary has also been present in can packaging. You enjoy whenever and wherever. Even though it's packed instantly, you don't need to worry about the taste. Still authentic. How to eat is also not complicated, enough to be heated and can be eaten immediately. Now many brands also sell instant warm. In fact, some of them are equipped with sambal krecek and chicken.
Although originally from Bandung, but seblak became a favorite food in various cities in Indonesia. Now the variants of flavors and toppings used are also increasingly diverse.
In fact, seblak is also present in an instant form that makes it easy for lovers. Simply pour the spices and hot water into the cup, wait for a few moments, and the instant seblak is ready to be enjoyed.
Oseng mercon still occupies the hearts of the majority of spicy lovers. These foods are now also instant and ready to eat. It really fits into a side dish when lazy to cook. Live reheated and eaten with warm rice. Wow, so salivating!
Hot & Famous Instant Food Products
Various Type of Instant Food Products