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Introducing Indonesia Sambal
Sambal is an Indonesian chili sauce
Sambal is an Indonesian chili sauce or paste typically made from a mixture of a variety of chili peppers with secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, palm sugar, and lime juice. Sambal is an Indonesian loan-word of Javanese origin (sambel). It is native to the cuisines of Indonesia, and popular in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Singapore. It has also spread through overseas Indonesian populations to the Netherlands and Suriname. There are 212 variants of sambal in Indonesia, with most of them originated from Java.
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Various Type of Sambal Products
Onion Sambal is one type of sambal that uses a mixture of ingredients such as onions and red chili. Onions used can be either shallots and garlic or a mixture of both. The combination of chili and onion has a delicious taste and is suitable for every dish, especially fried or grilled chicken, and other meats.
This type of Sambal has spicy and savory flavors derived from one of the ingredients of this chili sauce, which is anchovy. Anchovy used in this type of chili is usually teri terrain which is famous for having crispy and delicious taste. Coupled with spicy fresh chili definitely makes you addicted.
Sambal Ikan Roa is a type of sambal originating from Manado, North Sulawesi. Sambal Ikan Roa, made from a mixture of fresh chili and smoked Roa. Roa fish is a typical fish of Manado which is found in North Sulawesi and its surroundings. Because Roa fish is only found in the region, making this Roa Sambal Fish is very special.
This type of Indonesian sambal originates from the Central Java region. The name of the plow chili is taken from the history of making this chili. Sambal is often brought by farmer mothers who bring food to farmers who are plowing fields. That's why this chili sauce is called chili plow. Generally, this chili sauce has a flavor that is not too spicy.
This type of chili is a popular chili sauce. Sambal Matah is a type of sambal originating from Bali. Unlike other chili sauce that is cooked first, Sambal Matah is served slicing fresh ingredients such as chili, shallots, lemongrass and orange leaves and then added coconut oil and lime juice.
Sambal Lado is a type of sambal that we usually encounter when visiting Padang restaurants. If other sambal uses red chili as the main ingredient, this Sambal Lado uses green chili as the main ingredient. Its distinctive taste and different from other types of sambal make Sambal Lado favored by many culinary lovers.
Sambal Terasi is a type of chili sauce that has a unique and distinctive taste. The unique taste is obtained from the additional ingredients, namely shrimp paste. Terasi itself is a cooking spice made from fermented fish to form a dough or pasta with a pungent aroma. Distinctive aroma and taste are the hallmarks of this Terasi sauce.
As the name implies, Sambal is from Lampung Province, South Sumatra. Sambal which is often used as souvenirs of Lampung generally has a very spicy taste. Made with simple ingredients, this chili sauce has a mild and spicy taste that is dominant. This Sambal is suitable to be enjoyed with other side dishes.
Bored with the same chilli sauce? Well, this Sambal Squid can you make a choice. If sambal usually uses a mixture of fish, this type of chili uses squid as a mixture. Besides having a delicious spicy taste, this Sambal contains high protein and vitamins that come from Squid.
This type of chili is a typical Minangkabau sauce. Actually Balado is a typical Minangkabau cooking technique by mixing ground chili, various spices cooked together with dishes such as jerky, anchovies, eggplants and others. Because of its deliciousness, now available Balado Sambal which you can mix with various favorite side dishes.
Hot & Famous Sambal Products
Various Type of Sambal Products