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Introducing Vietnam Cashew Nuts
Cashew Capital of Vietnam
Binh Phuoc, a province located in southeastern region of the country, to the north of Ho Chi Minh City, has earned its fame as “cashew capital” of Vietnam. The cashew nut grown here has also been granted with a Geographical Indication Certificate by Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property. This Geographical Indication includes Binh Phuoc raw cashew, kernels, and roasted and salted nuts.
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Various Type of Cashew Nuts Products
Raw Cashew Nut
Binh Phuoc Cashew nut is firm and dense, 14.5-18mm thick, and has a marketable kernel that is at least 30 per cent of its weight. Each nut weighs 5-6 grammes, meaning a kilogramme has less than 200 nuts. Looking from the outside, the kernal is straight, bigger at the bottom and has white or slightly yellow color.
Roasted and Salted Cashew Nuts
Roasted and salted cashew nuts are of two types -- with and without the inner skin -- but without salt in the middle. The fat and carbohydrate content are at least 43 per cent and 23 per cent. The high fat and carbohydrate rates contribute to the nuts’ sweet, fatty taste.
Introducing Vietnam Cashew
here are various Cashew breeds and the states they were first breed in
The season for harvesting Binh Phuoc cashew nuts is from February to June and the farmers must harvest 3 days after the fruits fall at the latest. Product type: Salted cashew nut.
Hot & Famous Cashew Nuts Products
Various Type of Cashew Nuts Products