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KOPINATA - Organic Arabica Decaf

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Product Description

Pabriek Kopi Nata is a coffee processing industry in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We process original Indonesian coffees. Our products include: regular coffee, organic coffee and also low-caffeine coffee.

Low caffeine coffee which is processed without using solvent / solvent free. What is solvent? Solvent is a special substance / solvent used in the process of reducing coffee caffeine. What solvents are usually used in the process of reducing caffeine? Among them are methylene chloride, ethyl acetate (sugar cane process), supercritical carbon dioxide. In general, low-caffeine coffee on the market, even though the "naturally" still uses solvents. KOPINATA does not use these substances, or in other words "zero chemicals".

Short Description
Contents: 100 gr / Tasting Note: Light Body, Savory Light, Tomato, Nutty, Honey Sugar, Citrus Lemon, Leafy


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