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OHLA - Oatmeal Coffee Nut - Box 180G

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Product Description

Ohla’s oatmeal coffee nut is a combination of oats, molasses, coffee, dried papaya, plastic dried guava, crispy coconut …. has been processed to dry and hot.

When you use oat meal regularly, your body will absorb starches, fiber, minerals and many vitamins that are very good for health. So, eat oat meal every morning.

Outstanding feature:
• Raw materials from nature, carefully selected.
• Products are prepared by modern technology, closed, to ensure food safety standards.
• Convenient box packaging, easy to carry and use.
• Products are manufactured and packaged in Vietnam.

Ingredients: oatmeal coffee nut: Oats (41%), honey (15%), coffee (5%), almonds (10%), dried papaya (10%), dried guava (10%), desiccated coconuts (7%) coconut oil (1.6%).

Suggestions for use:
• Use directly or as a mixture of fresh milk, yogurt.
• Also you can use as salads, mixed fruit, cakes etc.

Certificated: HACCP, ISO 22000:2005

Storage: Preserving cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

Short Description
Packing: 180g/Box


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