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PABRIEK KOPI NATA - Arabica Decaf Coffee Tjap Semar Gold

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Product Description

Decaf coffee (low caffeine) with lab test certification from LPPT UGM. Coffee with real coffee fruit flavor. Delicious and fragrant.

Low-caffeine coffee that is comfortable in the stomach and doesn't make you nervous. Drinking coffee but still able to sleep well. Decaf coffee is not a blend of civet coffee. Decaffeination process without using chemicals, so that the original coffee taste is always maintained. No preservatives and no added chemicals. 100% real coffee beans. So it is safe for consumption every day.

Short Description
CONTENTS: SEEDS / CRUDE MILLS / FINE MILLS / Type: ARABICA / Weight: 100 grams / Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Herb, Apple Acid


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